“Everybody Worships” is a critique on the social, political and cultural issues surrounding food consumption and branding deception within contemporary marketing manifested in physical form.

I selected items that aren’t necessarily deemed healthy by all but inhabit blatantly deceptive packaging, calling into question what “health” really means and to whom. For example, chocolate often has advertised properties such as increased mental alertness or mental clarity, weight loss, glowing skin, or increased sexual arousal. Through this, I reproduced familiar visual signs and arranged them into critical pieces of product packaging with a tinge of irony.

Beyond a critical approach, I’ve made the packaging and branding more digestible, honest, and aesthetically pleasing. Through many design iterations and product choices, I narrowed my selection down to three items that all occupy a similar space in our diets: the vices and indulgences. More specifically, I chose beer, bacon and chocolate—the foods we hate to love. The written component of my thesis dives deeper into the perils of diet culture, how the idea of indulgence, control, and shrinking is a feminist issue, and how food advertisment plays a crucial role in propogating an anti-feminist diet message.